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Family & Baby
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Click on the front picture to view more images from this couple's engagement photo shoot.



The best part about shooting photos of families whether that be maternity, infants, kids, seniors, immediate family or a multi-generation photo shoot, there is never a dull moment. I like everyone to have fun with me and feel comfortable and relaxed. It's just another family gathering with a photographer in the background you hardly notice.


Family Photo Shoot ...

Thoughts from a Mom...

In the days before my son's photo shoot with Emily, he told me he didn't want anyone but me, his mom, to take his picture. This, of course, made me nervous for our appointment. However, when I warned Emily about his stand, she reassured me, "Kristal, don't worry about it. You know how I am, we'll just play and have fun." She was right and boy did he have fun! He had such a great time and wow did his photos show it! Thank you so much for capturing this special time in my boy's life!



Declan turns 4!



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